Editor’s Note

Siouxland Magazine really is more than just a magazine! 

The intention has always been and will continue to be to start meaningful conversations. I want to bring people together and get them talking. Through dynamic discussion, we grow as individuals and thrive as a community.

In the last issue, I announced the collaboration between Powell Broadcasting and Siouxland Magazine to create a new podcast: Starting Conversations with Stacie and Tony

Ever wonder what someone is thinking? Do you ever find yourself struggling to understand someone else’s point of view? This podcast sparks our inner curiosity and dives into conversations with local people, just like you. We are encouraging people to get curious and lean in to join the conversation. Maybe you’d want to join us on a podcast? We really do want community interaction. Reach out!

That takes me to our amazing women gracing the cover. Jackie Paulson writes our Ask the Therapist column and Dr. Nesrin Abu Ata writes the Ask the Doc column. What rockstars! They are doing their part to support personal growth and wellness in our community. You can submit your questions to them and they will answer them anonymously. We can all learn from each other’s questions. Check out how to reach them on their individual pages in the magazine.

We also have an annual initiative - this year focused on our youth. We have open meetings held at our location on 4th Street. We highly encourage people to join these conversations focused on supporting our kids. Stay up to date on meeting dates/times by following us on Facebook. We are planning a live event in the fall to bring everyone together to share resources and offer support.

Lastly, Siouxland Magazine is hosting the John Maxwell Live2Lead event this October 7th! Talk about a world-class-thought-leadership opportunity for our community. It aligns with our mission to provide personal growth opportunities to individuals and strengthen our community.

What it comes down to, we want you involved. Let’s interact and thrive together.

Owner of Siouxland Magazine

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A Year of Focus: Our Youth

For more than 15 years, the City of Sioux City’s Progress newsletter has shared positive stories, project updates, and event information with residents and visitors. The publication has evolved—both in design and distribution—but its goals have remained the same:

- Showcase the success in our City to residents and visitors
- Attract and recruit new businesses and employees to the Siouxland area

As we considered new ways of reaching our diverse audience, inserting the Progress newsletter into Siouxland Magazine was a natural fit. Siouxland Magazine strives to educate and inspire its readers, and it seeks to create a community that thrives on connecting with one another. We share these aspirations, and we are proud of this new partnership.

The City Progress newsletter, designed as a pull-out piece, can be a handy reference throughout the summer and beyond. We hope this issue will inform you of what’s happening in the city and invite you to become part of it!

Anne Westra
Communications & Public Engagement Specialist, City of Sioux City