Growing Your Business with Siouxland Magazine

06 Jun

When we meet with clients, one of the greatest questions we get is, "Why should i put my money with you? What is my ROI?" Well, we are here to tell you!

First off, we are well connected in this community. When you say "10 Under 40" most people know it's Siouxland Magazine, and it is a very respected competition. When you mention Siouxland ADVOCATE, people know what you are talking about, and especially now with our new expanded issue in the summer. The Design Issue in the spring offers area designers a place to submit their work, and Siouxland businesses can tell their story in the winter. Our issues are well-rounded with focused content that people look forward to.

Our quarterly issues offer you a long shelf life with your advertisement, and you are spending less and lasting longer throughout the year with your message. Month to month can get very expensive and the shelf life is short. Our issues are always ones that people go back to and use as a coffee table book because of the beautiful look and targeted content that reaches a large demo of readers!

Our team can help you get pointed in many different directions. Our team members own their own businesses that altogether covers: websites, photography, marketing plans, social media marketing, and on...We can get you hooked up with professionals that can literally move your business to your goal point.

And, we are all local, committed members of our Siouxland Community. We want to help you promote your business and tell your story. Contact us today to get started! The fall issue is approaching! 

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