Are you an Ultimate ADVOCATE?

09 Apr

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The Ultimate Siouxland ADVOCATES
Are you an Ultimate Siouxland ADVOCATE?
Does your company create a significant positive impact on the community through giving back?
If yes, submit this form.
Name of your Company:
Contact person:
Please answer the following questions, and return this form by April 20, 2018 to  Once we review the received answers, we will highlight selected companies in our Summer issue of Siouxland Magazine. We will do a photo shoot with you, and use your answers to write a story about your company’s community giving/impact. We will notify you by April 22 if you have been chosen as a featured company.
1.In what ways has your company made a community impact through fundraising and volunteerism in the past year?
2.How do you engage your employees to support a spirit of giving back in order to make an impact on the Siouxland community? What internal programs do you have that shows employees that giving back is important company-wide?
3.What plans do you have to support the community in a meaningful way in the next year?
4.Do you have any company initiatives that create an impact on the community (grants, targeted funds, volunteer hours)?
5.Why is it important, from your view, to give back?

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