Stacie Anderson

Owner of Siouxland Magazine and Empowering Conversations. Enjoys empowering and contributing to organizations that focus on the environment, holistic health, education, and personal growth, as well as those open to expanding their creative and innovative boundaries.

Editor’s Note

Every year is about up-leveling, striving to give more, and at the same time, encouraging more interaction from the community. It is all about synergy, and it’s about what we can accomplish together. Through the magazine, I hope to ignite conversation, inspire action, and fuel collaboration. This publication gives you advice on wellness and tools …

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In her interactive presentation about bullying, suicide prevention specialist Donna Wolff allowed the audience to answer questions about their experience with bullying and learn about the reasons behind the issue and the importance of standing up to bullies. To show how common bullying is, Wolff asked the audience to indicate whether they can relate to …

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Coping with Bullying and Aggression 

In his presentation for “Empowering Our Youth,” licensed school therapist Nathan Philips shared coping techniques for parents and youths to deal with bullying, cyberbullying, and other types of aggression and emotions in the school environment. As a school therapist, Philips teaches his students coping skills for dealing with strong emotions like anxiety, depression, excitement, and …

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Online Safety 

In her Empowering Our Youth presentation about online safety, educator Kim Smith addressed the vulnerabilities of children on the internet, the relation of the issue to sex trafficking, and the challenges of parenting in an increasingly online world. Children who own electronic devices and have access to the internet are at risk of falling victim …

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