10 Under 40 Nominator Instructions

As the nominator, here is what we ask of you: Look around to your co-workers, employees, leaders, friends, colleagues and think about who meets the following criteria:

  • Under the age of 40 as of December 31, 2020 (yes, you might have to ask them, but they would be honored you are thinking of them for an award!)
  • Is a business owner or executive/manager/director or has experience in this area, within their organization. (This can be a large corporation, small business, or non-profit organization.)
  • Must be in their current position, or have had experience in a managerial role for at least one year.
  • Lives and works in the Siouxland community. (Approximately a 60-mile radius around Sioux City.)

Nominee has a history of displaying:

  • Vision, Leadership and Community Impact
  • Innovation and Achievement
  • Growth & Development
  • Community Involvement or Contribution
  • Consistent Display of Excellent Character and Ethics

Items that the judges will be asked to keep in mind (in addition to the criteria outlined above):

  • Academic or Apprenticeship Training (degrees earned, on-the-job experience, licensure, etc.)
  • History of Client Relations
  • Dedication to Siouxland
  • Leadership Skills & Mentoring Ability
  • Personal Integrity & Character
  • Consideration of Community Outreach as the applicant's job vs. extra time spent outside of work life
  • Consider Diversity When Selecting Entrants

After you complete the form below, please direct your nominee to the Nominee Page to fill out their form. 

The judges' decisions are final. No correspondence will be entered into with the entrants until decisions are made. Judges cannot nominate anyone, and they do not work for Siouxland Magazine or Empowering Conversations, LLC.

Siouxland Magazine will notify winners by the Mid-August. Winners will take part in a cover photo shoot shortly after notification of win. Winners will have their group photo gracing the September cover of Siouxland Magazine, individual pictures included within the magazine, and videos shared on Siouxland Magazine's social media pages.

*Siouxland Magazine reserves the right to publish entrants' photos, videos and biographical details.

**Any submissions after August 2 will not be eligible.

Nominator Form

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  • Nominee's Address
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